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VNS3 Cloud VPN

Hybrid Cloud the way you want it.

Secure network connectivity is the foundation to any Hybrid Cloud deployment. Make a Cohesive connection to the cloud.

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Connect to your cloud with security & control

VNS3 lets you manage your cloud based systems and servers as if they are running in your on-premise data center.  UseVNS3 to distribute your network across multiple public, private and hybrid clouds with the control and security you need.

VNS3 gives you cloud mobility and agility without compromises. Since 2008, VNS3 has been used to secure over 800 million virtual device hours in major public cloud environments.VNS3 customers have successfully created nearly 5,000 secure and interoperable solutions that work in and across clouds.

VNS3:vpn is a hybrid virtual device that act as six devices in one:

  • router,
  • switch,
  • SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator,
  • firewall,
  • protocol re-distributor, and
  • extensible NFV

TheVNS3 virtual machine integrates with existing network equipment and can be delivered as part of the application deployment in virtualized infrastructures.

Find your VNS3 fit

Many of our 2,000 enterprise customers found us through a cloud marketplace or proof of concept before moving up to more advanced editions as their companies grew.

At the core, VNS3 products allow you to build your own virtual networks on top of  any virtual or physical environment.  All of our VNS3 products are software-only virtual appliances, ready for production use, and available in most clouds.  We are very proud of our support response times and level of customer engagement. We offer a range of support plans to fit your VNS3 use case.

Some of our VNS3 Customers' Cloud VPN Use Cases

 Contact us to build your VNS3 Cloud VPN today:

On-demand VNS3 is a great fit for when your project or proof of concept needs to get off the ground quickly.  Many VNS3:vpn users need to connect to a customer site for remote access or to meet specific requirements that involve multicast, IKE or IPSEC parameters.

We offer unlimited technical support via the Cohesive support forum for all VNS3 users. We are very proud of our support response times and the level of customer engagement. Don’t take it from us though, check out our reviews on the AWS marketplace. Most of them mention how much our support teams help.

For FAQs and forum help:

Available for Public Clouds

Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services VPC, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Rackspace, IBM SoftLayer, ElasticHosts, Verizon Terremark vCloud Express, InterRoute, Abiquo

Available for Private Clouds

Openstack, Flexiant, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, HPE Helion, and more

Available for Virtual Infrastructure

VMware (all formats), Citrix, Xen, KVM, and more

 Pricing based on Complexity, not Endpoints

Unlike other networking products, VNS3:net pricing and editions are based on the size of the network you create. We measure your network complexity by connection points and secure IPsec tunnels. When a customer needs more endpoints, IPsec tunnels and multi-site connectivity, this is the perfect time to upgrade to Lite Edition in VNS3:net.