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Manage your cloud networks with security and control.

Build customized overlay networks in any cloud with VNS3:net. Manage your network security and access with VNS3:ms. Boost cloud offerings with VPC features of VNS3 Provider Edition.

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VNS3 is a network routing and security virtual appliance that lets your extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds. Over 2,000 customers have used our VNS3 security and network routing products in production since 2009. With VNS3, you can build your own overlay networks with encrypted and controlled access over top of any IaaS network.

VNS3:turret Application Security Controller

VNS3:turret is a set of VNS3 Controllers that surround an application topology to create a micro-perimeter. This “application segmentation” provides the most comprehensive application security model available today. Create a micro-perimeter around your mission critical business systems to protect and monitor all network traffic by:

  • Segment applications to eliminate east-west vulnerability
  • Isolate each application with a micro-perimeter
  • Provide highly available application-centric networks
  • Secure interior traffic with secure edges and encrypted security controllers
  • Track network status with automated compliance reporting

VNS3:net Network Manager

VNS3:net is a security and networking software-only virtual appliance that lets you extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds. Using industry standards including IPsec tunnels and SSL VPN connections, VNs3:net lets you control layer 4-7 services.  Build on our VNS3:net overlay network technology to use dynamic protocols (BGP, multicast, GRE, etc.) and customize your network functions. VNS3 is a software-only appliance that acts as six devices in one:

  • router
  • switch
  • SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator
  • firewall
  • protocol re-distributor
  • scriptable NFV

VNS3:vpn Self-Service Connectivity

VNS3:vpn is a software only security appliance used to create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Virtual Private Clouds (VPC). Secure all data in motion in the cloud with full end-to-end IPsec and SSL encryption. You fully control your VPN with:

  • Data in motion encryption, even in cloud VLANs
  • Connectivity to as many endpoints and cloud instances as you need
  • Scalable multi cloud secure connectivity
  • Commercially Supported scalable VPN
  • No fee licences for small VPNs


Add-Ons and Featured Editions:

VNS3:ms Network Console

Reduce complexity, manage networks from a single network console, and customize with Docker container. VNS3:ms is a complimentary product that lets you monitor all virtual networks from a single management console.  VNS3:ms provides a central log for:

  • all VNS3 topologies
  • all VNS3 Managers
  • cloud VLAN objects
  • VNS3 Snapshot management
  • multi-cloud credential management
  • VNS3 Manager password recovery
  • user authentication and role management

VNS3:ha Instance-based High Availability

VNS3:ha is a high availability solution for VNS3 products. The VNS3:ha instance is a dedicated back up and failover mechanism for any VNS3:net or VNS3:vpn instance. If an instance fails, the VNS3:ha instance pulls the failed instance’s API, and immediately and seamlessly assumes the role.

VNS3 Provider Edition

Create a VPC with the secure, multi-tenant access end users need.  VNS3 Provider Edition is specialized for cloud service provider and telecommunications firms looking to rapidly boost cloud capabilities with:

  • hybrid cloud extensions between on-premises IT assets and cloud deployments
  • Secure connections to, from and within your cloud using 256 bit encryption
  • Support for otherwise blocked protocols like UDP multicast
  • VPN connections with secure IPsec or SSL tunnels

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