VNS3 6.6 for Internet6 (IPv6)

  • VNS3 offers seamless dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) Support.
  • Allow your business to run both protocols cohesively, as you transition your cloud deployments without compromising on performance or security.
  • Your Cloud devices now have access to 340 undecillion addresses, making the Internet a lot bigger.  But with VNS3 it still feels like home.  Cohesive and secure.
VNS3 Dual Stack

All those addresses in one little cube

Cohesive Dual Stack, Zero Compromise

As the world transitions to IPv6, businesses need a seamless solution that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 without compromising network performance, security, or observability. Cohesive Networks’ VNS3 product family offers a robust dual-stack implementation, ensuring your business is prepared for IPv6 and beyond..

With VNS3, you can leverage the full benefits of IPv6, including an virtually unlimited address space, improved security features, and enhanced quality of service. At the same time, you can maintain compatibility with existing IPv4 resources, allowing for a gradual and controlled migration.

Our dual-stack approach provides a cohesive solution that eliminates the need for complex translation mechanisms or parallel network infrastructures. 4-to-6 and 6-to-4 communication is done via Proxy, not fake NAT.  VNS3 seamlessly integrates IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities into a unified platform, simplifying network management and reducing operational overhead.

Whether you’re an enterprise, service provider, or government organization, VNS3 empowers you to embrace IPv6 without sacrificing performance, reliability, or control. With advanced routing, firewall, and management capabilities, you can confidently navigate the transition to IPv6 while maintaining the highest levels of network availability and security.

IPv6 Site-to-Site Migration Needs



The outside tunnel IP addresses of your connections are either IPv4 or IPv6 and the public IP address of your customer/connecting device can be IPv4 or IPv6.
Site-to-Site VPN connections on cloud gateway support IPv6.
Site-to-Site VPN connection CAN support both IP4 and IPv6 traffic.
VNS3 IPsec UI IPv6

This screenshot from the VNS3 IPsec page showcases the powerful connectivity options available when running a Dual-Stack VNS3 controller. Whether you need to connect IPv4 to IPv4, IPv6 to IPv6, or bridge IPv4 and IPv6 networks seamlessly, the VNS3 controller enables secure communication from anywhere to anything, ensuring your network remains highly flexible and future-proof.

Network Edge Plugin System

Run any containerized function right in your network edge with the VNS3 edge plugin system. Our competitors force you to use their web application firewall or network intrusion detection. With our plugin system you can run the exact networking stack that you want.

VNS3 Plugin System
Alert Integrations Graphic

Integrate with Monitoring

Quickly configure your VNS3 topology with your alerting and monitoring solutions. VNS3 will forward system events onto your integrations of choice allowing you to automate recovery plans and react quickly.

Automate Your Network

Launch, configure and react with your technology stack of choice. You can use our Terraform or Cloudformation templates to get started. With the VNS3 API you can configure the network with your language choice. Maintain a modern network with fully codified and reproducible infrastructure.

VNS3 automation