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VNS3 for Amazon VPC

Extend your Network to Any AWS VPC Region

VNS3 is available for use in your VPC deployments. Build your Cloud Network and VPNs, across VPCs easily and securely.

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VNS3 Makes Your VPC Better

Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an industry leading public cloud offering providing more underlying network controls to the customer than any other cloud in the market today.  VNS3is a software-only virtual appliance that acts as 7 devices in 1: router, switch, SSL/IPSec VPN concentrator, firewall, protocol re-distributor, scriptable API and extensible NFV container. Together, VNS3 and VPC provide enhanced value for enterprises by leveraging the strengths of each solution.

Highlighted VNS3 in VPC Benefits:

  • Greater encryption control for PCI, HIPAA and internal compliance
  • Set your own pre-shared keys for IPsec configurations
  • Configuration recovery via saved snapshots
  • Build static routes in seconds
  • Create more than 2 static routes per VPN Gateway connection
  • NAT-traversal support
  • NAT instance capability for private subnets integrated to IPsec
  • Multiple VPNs can connect to one public IP
  • Overlapping address hassles go away with VNS3 netmap

Follow the steps below to launch a VNS3:vpn (Zero premium over the normal VPC runtime fees) in your VPC today.

Get started in AWS VPC - launch and configure today

Launch and Configuration Instructions – get your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployment secure and under control in less than 30 minutes with VNS3:

  1. Sign up for an AWS Account.
  2. Login to the AWS Console.
  3. Configure your VPC environment per our VNS3 Setup Instructions.
  4. Launch a VNS3 Controller via AWS Marketplace for Free Edition or contact us for premium edition private AMI and subscription information.
  5. Use the VNS3 Configuration Guide to initialize and configure your VNS3 instance.
  6. Plug some of your other AWS VPC or EC2-based servers into the VPC overlay network.

 Contact us to learn more about VNS3 in AWS