Announcing the Release of the VNS3 Speed Test Plugin

by | 9 Apr 2020

As companies build out their Workforce Service Edge, new challenges are introduced. One of the forms these challenges can take is slow or unreliable ISPs causing interruptions for users.

For HelpDesk and technical employees, the ability to ask a user, customer, or partner to navigate to a site such as ‘’ in order to test their connection to YOUR network is incredibly valuable.

To that end, we’re proud to announce the release of the Speed Test container, based on the FOSS project Librespeed Speedtest. This container can be deployed on any current VNS3 controller, and can serve users on the overlay network, over the internet, across an IPsec tunnel, or anywhere else in your environment which can route connections to your VNS3 controller.

By providing latency and jitter information, as well as upload and download speed, the speed test container makes basic connectivity verification painless. The intuitive web interface means almost anyone can use the tool and report statistics quickly and accurately.

Plugin Speed Test Image

You can read the documentation and deployment guide here:

Source code is available under LGPL-v3:

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