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by | 31 Jan 2018

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Margaret’s Tip: Self-evaluate to keep pace with both risk and compliance

Your business is small, but risks are enterprise-size.

Top cybersecurity threats to small businesses (SMBs) are very similar to the risks all enterprises face. The stakes are much higher for SMBs because they often lack the resources to fight back and prevent data loss. Large firms have teams of data security experts and can afford extensive audits. SMBs can be more vulnerable to security risks and struggle to quickly react to vulnerabilities.

Data breachs affecting SMBs – from the Ponemon CODB

Keep pace with both risks and compliance by self-evaluating

Frequently self-evaluating the company’s cybersecurity practices is the best way to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats. SMBs can use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (it’s free!) as a blueprint to evaluate current security policies and remodel data protection policies to focus on preventing vulnerabilities and to set goals to improve and maintain security.

Traditional standards and protections all attempt to do the same things: protect sensitive data. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is unique because the Framework combines the best practices of other security standards to focus on outcomes, rather than avoiding liability. SMBs should self-evaluate cybersecurity at least once a year, with participation from all business unit leaders and all of the IT team.


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Don’t become a victim of your own success – growth.

As SMBs grow and add employees and partners, they must share access to vital business data and systems. For example, a small company can rely on a single IT person to manage access to data, a server, and the company network. As the SMB grows and adds employees and offices, a “single point of failure” becomes a risk for the company. Security for data and networks should grow with the business, with precautions built into business goals.

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Margaret Valtierra, Senior Marketing Specialist, Cohesive Networks

Margaret Valtierra is Senior Marketing Specialist at Cohesive Networks. She is responsible for growing business through digital and written content, public relations, and community events.

See the full article on Phoenix NAP : Business Data Security Tips: 40+ Experts Reveal Their Best Advice