VNS3 Empowers 30-Minute HIPAA-Compliant IntelliGuard Deployment

VNS3 Empowers 30-Minute HIPAA-Compliant IntelliGuard Deployment

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IntelliGuard recently engaged with consulting group Six Nines to address the “scalability, flexibility, and cost optimization” of their Microsoft Azure deployment. “By moving to AWS, IntelliGuard sought to design its platform architecture for HIPAA-compliance and enable seamless scalability, rapid development capabilities, and provide more features—such as advanced tooling in machine learning (ML) and high availability and replication features—to its teams.” As a APN Advanced Technology Partner, Cohesive had the pleasure of joining the team in order to complete this project, leveraging VNS3 to create an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant overlay network and site-to-site VPN. The success of this project has enabled IntelliGuard to automate the HIPAA-compliant deployment of its entire RFID Inventory Management System down to an impressive 30 minute window, while allowing for shorter and less painful release cycles that “drive value to the business more quickly.”

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Announcing AWS Quick Start Reference Deployment for VNS3

Announcing AWS Quick Start Reference Deployment for VNS3

Want a HIPAA/HITECH compliant application deployed to AWS in minutes? Read on!

We’re proud to announce the release of our first AWS Quick Start reference deployment for configuring and launching our VNS3 overlay network for your cloud application. Working closely with Amazon we’ve leveraged the proven power of AWS CloudFormation to take our secure and scalable solution and make it even more accessible. With our Quick Start deployment, VNS3 can easily secure your cloud application to HIPAA and HITECH standards in as few as fifteen minutes, supported by best practice tools and strategies for automating your infrastructure deployments.

Check out our Quick Start Guide here! Keep reading for more information about this release.

VNS3 AWS Quickstart Architecture

Save Time

Our Quick Start was built by AWS and Cohesive Networks solutions architects to help you automatically deploy a VNS3 topology quickly and easily. Don’t worry about high availability and security, we’ve included it for no extra charge! Build your production deployment fast and start using it now.

Reduce Complexity

Simple (not to be confused with simplistic) is secure. VNS3 provides a generalized approach to encryption across your cloud deployment. This enables you to field a clean VPC Route Table and Security Group configuration to reduce attack surface and minimize misconfigurations.

Control Encryption

AWS provided and controlled, symmetric encryption with common shared keys isn’t enough for regulated industries. Customer controlled encryption with VNS3 is essential to securing PII/PHI in order to pass HIPAA audits. VNS3 as demonstrated in this Quick Start Guide provides a simple and programmatic way for achieving HIPAA compliance.

Added Bonus

Do you use blocked protocols like UDP multicast? The VNS3 encrypted overlay network deployed by this guide allows you to redistribute UDP multicast within your AWS VPC deployment. Now you can apply the same design principles to your cloud applications, whether designing cloud native or lifting and shifting.

Moving Forward

Following the successful launch of our first AWS Quick Start Guide, we’re excited to move forward and create new reference deployments for all the various use cases VNS3 supports. We’re cooking up AWS Quick Start Guides that deal with more complex peered VNS3 topologies, demonstrating different High Availability and Network Federation capabilities. We are also working on an Azure QuickStart template for deploying the encrypted Overlay Network for Microsoft Windows VMs later this summer.